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Ball Point Header Made In China Finally, China Made Can Not Without Craftsman Spirit

Ball Point Header Made In China Finally, China Made Can Not Without Craftsman Spirit


China can not made the small steel ball of the Ballpoint Pen, said by Premier Li Keqiang at the fist day of 2016 when he attend a meeting forum.China can produce Airplanes, guns, bombs, high-speed trains, spaceships, why can not make a small steel ball in promotional pen? This situation suprise almost everyone in china, which none people know if not Premier Li mentioned.

China is the biggest country producing ballpoint pen, more than 3000 pen made companies, 200,000 workers, 40 billion pieces Ball Pen per year, but the core material still depend on import. this small not eye-catching steel ball need 12 working procedure to produce.The inside of the pen has different height steps and five ink guiding grooves, and the machining accuracy is up to 1/1000 millimeters in order of magnitude. At the tip of the nib, the thickness is only 0.3-0.4 mm. High processing accuracy, high performance requirements for stainless steel raw materials, testing the level of China made.

In the new year 2017, the embarrassing situation was finally broken. TISCO has successfully developed the "super easy cutting steel wire" used for ball point headers. It has broken the situation that the imported raw materials of ball point pens depend on imports. Its process technology and product quality reached the international advanced level, and now it has been mass produced and put on the market.Small balls, however, represent the level and capacity of a nation's manufacturing industry. As a manufacturing power, over the years we have overcome a lot of heavy industry, in the industry's sophisticated project, aerospace, high-speed rail has become the Chinese name card, but the civil industry is not independent of production, innovation and upgrading.How to make science and technology transform the technological path, improve the quality of products, fine people's life, and make "big manufacturing country" develop rapidly to "manufacturing power" should be the focus of the future development of China's manufacturing industry.

Power to power, one word, but requires more excellence in artisan spirit". Small ball pen reflects the problem that many areas of China's manufacturing industry are facing: Although the scale of the industry ranks first in the world, and the equipment is also world class, but the product grade is not high. In the context of rapid economic development, enterprises over pursuit of "low investment, short cycle, quick results" bring short-term benefits, thus ignoring the quality of products. It is obvious that only through the meticulous and elaborate spirit concept can we integrate into every link of production and design, the Chinese manufacturing can realize the breakthrough from quantity to quality.

A nation and a nation with craftsman spirit and respected craftsman spirit are bound to be less impetuous and more pure. In the manufacturing industry from "big country" to "strong" on the road, we have fewer opportunistic, more down-to-earth; less utilitarian, more lasting attention; less than some superior quality crudely made. Using "fine manufacturing" to push "made in China" into the world's leading ranks.

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